Long ago in a Kentucky college town Mary and Joseph played their guitars and sang in a trio. People flocked to the Mississippi River Company and Steak and Ale to hear their music. Eventually the trio split up and Mary and Joseph went their separate ways to pursue music careers.

They stayed in touch once a year at holiday time with a card and later it became an email. Both are presently doing well in their professional music careers. Mary is now located in Louisville, Kentucky and Joseph lives in Houston, Texas.


One day it occurred to me that the perfect Christmas gift for Mary and Joseph, and the rest of the world, would be for them to make a Christmas EP together. It took a few emails, but we got everything worked out and the sessions began. They each selected a favorite holiday tune, and added their own musical spins. The result is a fresh, new Christmas mix that everyone is happy with and we think that you will be too!

It’s a recording of two songs that you will want to listen to while wrapping gifts, entertaining friend at a party, baking cookies, or just driving around listening in your car. Add these two new Christmas tunes to your holiday play list. We hope they become a tradition with you during every holiday season.


Warmest holiday wishes,

Andrew Gordon